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  • photo of veteran DL Skelton

    Having a Veterans Cemetery here is keeping a promise this nation gave its veterans and their family members. It says we will never forget their service.

    DJ Skelton,
    US Army

  • photo of veteran Kenlin Shields

    National heroes reside right here. There are thousands of military retirees who deserve a cemetery in this region. Why should we have to drive so far to visit a veteran's grave?

    Kenlin Shields,
    US Air Force

  • photo of veteran Janet M. Parks

    Veterans in this area all need a place that is near where their loved ones can visit their graves. It is long overdue.

    Janet M. Parks,
    US Navy

  • photo of veteran Michael O'Brien

    Thousands of vets who have been through Fort Ord feel this is their home. We need a cemetery to serve our rich military community.

    Michael O'Brien,
    US Army

  • photo of veteran Rudi Wallat

    A service member who desires burial in a veterans cemetery should be rewarded with a beautiful and serene site overlooking the Monterey Bay at Fort Ord.

    Rudi Wallat,
    US Air Force

  • photo of veteran Dave Overton

    Some have given the ultimate sacrifice, yet there’s no place to honor their military service. Fort Ord is a natural fit. The military community is here. The land is here. It’s the right thing to do.

    Dave Overton,
    US Marine Corps

Honor Their Service

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When Fort Ord closed two decades ago the community promised to build a veterans cemetery to provide veterans and their families with a final resting place that honors their achievements and sacrifices on behalf of our nation. It is well past time we made good on that promise.

In order to provide veterans and their families with a final resting place that acknowledges and honors their achievements and sacrifices on behalf of our nation, the Central Coast State Veterans Cemetery capital campaign mission is to honor those who have served the cause of freedom by raising local funds to deliver the promise of a Central Coast State Veterans Cemetery at the former Fort Ord Army Base.

What you can do.

Situated on Fort Ord, the projected cemetery site encompasses gently rolling hills with the natural and scenic beauty of Monterey Bay. As a lasting tribute to those who served in the armed forces, the new cemetery will remind future generations that we honor our veterans who were instrumental in preserving our nation’s freedom. When completed, the cemetery will serve all veterans, including the approximately 100,000 veterans and their families that live within the service area of the Central Coast region. The five counties that are within that area are Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Benito, Santa Clara, and San Luis Obispo.

The total cost of Phase I is $9,414,000. This includes $ 6,327,200 for construction and the remainder for architecture, planning, administration, and other fees and contingences.

Congressman Sam Farr is in the process of securing $6,797,000 from the Federal Government. That leaves $2,617,00 that needs to be raised at the state and local level. With Senator Bill Monning’s and Assembly member Mark Stone’s leadership in moving SB232 through the State Senate and Assembly, we believe Sacramento will provide at least $1,000,000. This leaves a local need of $1,617,000.


Raising $1,617,000 locally will be leveraged to bring in $7,797,000 in state and federal money and will complete the capital campaign for Phase 1. Your contribution will first be put towards this local need for the capital campaign and any remaining funds will go towards Phase 2 and the endowment to support the ongoing operations and enhancements of the cemetery. Your tax deductible contribution to the Central Coast Veterans Cemetery Fund of the Community Foundation for Monterey County will help make the cemetery a reality.

Central Coast Veterans Cemetery Fund 
is a fund of the:

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2354 Garden Road  •  Monterey, CA 93940

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photo of veterans attending meeting to support Central Coast Veterans Cemetery