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Frequently Asked Questions

photo of Fort Ord

QUESTION: When does money need to be donated?
ANSWER: We need to raise $1,617,000 by October 2013 in order to match the $7,797,000 of state and federal money.

QUESTION: I heard that Phase 1 does not involve in-ground burials. Is that true?
ANSWER: Yes. The Veterans Cemetery will be built in two phases. The first phase will provide for site work, the entrance, a committal shelter, a plaza and 5,000 niches in a columbaria. Phase 2 will include in-ground burial sites.

QUESTION: What is your position regarding the two ballot initiatives (Measure K and Measure M)?
ANSWER: The two ballot initiatives are about the land around the veterans cemetery. We are focused on the cemetery itself and we plan on moving forward regardless of happens in the surrounding area.

QUESTION: Aren't there other veterans cemeteries in the area?
ANSWER: No, the closest veterans cemetery is in the central valley, far away both in physical distance and in the minds and hearts of those who lived or served on the Central Coast.

QUESTION: If I give, how will my money be used?
ANSWER: All of the administrative costs of the Capital Campaign have been covered so 100% of your contribution will go to supporting construction of the cemetery. If sufficient funds are raised for the construction, any remaining funds will be used for the upkeep, maintenance and enhancements to the cemetery.

QUESTION: How many veterans cemeteries are there?
ANSWER: The Department of Veterans Affairs' (VA) National Cemetery Administration maintains 131 national cemeteries in 39 states (and Puerto Rico) as well as 33 soldier's lots and monument sites. California has 6 open cemeteries, none on the Central Coast.